About Us

Have you ever felt like God had a plan for you, but you weren’t ready to listen? Well…this is the story of how faith, dreams, and the power of prayer led me to bring Cotton Down South to life.

  As a little girl, I was raised on Sweet Tea and Jesus. With that combination it makes sense that I would hustle hard, and pray harder. After hustling being a mom for 22 years at the time and working different jobs, I realized later in life I needed to become the Joanna Gaines of Summerville, South Carolina (I’m a big fan if you can’t tell). If you don’t know who Joanna Gaines is, she is God’s gift to HGTV with her show Fixer Upper. Let me now start by telling you how my bible study brought Joanna Gaines and I closer. Every Sunday evening a group of friends, my husband and I would get together for a night of Jesus, food and prayers. One particular bible study changed my life. If you are currently in the same shoes I was in, I highly recommend you look into reading Dream Releasers by Wayne Cordeiro. This study dove us into becoming all that God created us to be and understanding what our own dream is, for God.

  The bible study, Dream Releasers, uncovered a dream I put on the back burner. A little fun fact about me is that years ago, I owned a gift basket business that I adored. After becoming pregnant for the third time in three years, I decided owning my own business was not in the right timing for my family and I. I sold my business with the reassurance from my mother that my time would come again. Fast forward 22 years, you are now reading my biography on Cotton Down South’s website. With the support of my sweet hubby (Mr. Cotton Down South), my parents, and children, Cotton Down South was established in October 2017. Many hours of travel, research, reading books, business plans, and so much more went into everything coming together at Cotton Down South.

  Boy, do I ever believe in prayer! A dear friend told me “if there is something that has been on your heart for so long that you just can’t seem to shake it, if might just be from God”. So many times I would have others pray for me and have conversations with God over opening up myself to his lead. All I kept hearing was to take the leap of faith and trust him. Our ideas come from him, but it is up to us to act on them or not. With a business plan, budget and a whole lot of faith, Cotton Down South was established. Everything from the building, to the inventory, to the employees, God had his hand in putting the right person at the right time for us. Before we moved any merchandise or fixtures into the store, we prayed a blessing over our business and for everyone that entered that we may be a witness and a testimony to Him.

  Remember this started out as a dream and with God’s help has become a reality. Anything is possible with God. One of my favorite bible verses, which also happens to be the same as my home church, Seacoast from Ephesians 3:20 reads:

  Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.